The Doctors In Training Solid Series offers a number of medical education video series to help you succeed in medical school. The Solid Series is comprised of four video series that cover different subject areas, including Pharmacology, Anatomy, OB/GYN and Internal Medicine. The videos can assist you by:

  • Supplementing your school curriculum
  • Helping to prepare you for shelf or comprehensive exams
  • Providing a refresher for a particular topic area

Traditional topics such as Pharmacology and Anatomy can help fill in gaps in your knowledge as you go through your studies. Courses such as OB/GYN, and Internal Medicine can help with internship, shelf exam preparation, rotations or clinical practice. Each video has features that optimize your learning experience.

  • Every educator is a physician with clinical experience
  • Each video comes with a PDF study guide and outline–no book needed
  • Take advantage of our 60- or 90- day subscriptions of an entire video series or purchase individual videos*

*When purchasing individual videos, you will have 72 hours of unlimited access to watch each video once you click to play. After the 72 hours has completed, your access to that video will expire.

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