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Please note:
*You must be currently enrolled in a DIT Review Course to purchase a Study Calendar.
**You will receive a call within 48 business hours from time of purchase to schedule your appointment.
****During this peak period, you can anticipate an appointment scheduled within 5-7 business days of your purchase.
Study Calendar Description: 

Initial Phone Consultation Approximately 30 min.
Final Format Sent to Student Unique Study Calendar based on individual needs highlighting what/how to study on a daily basis. Daily calendar will incorporate school board prep activities, exam days, holidays, and other break days as needed to show you how you need to adapt for success
Incorporation of DIT Part 1 Questions For those students enrolled in DIT's Step 1 Review Course, a Study Calendar will incorporate the DIT Part 1 weekly questions to fit your needs and academic schedule
Integration of DIT Course Study Calendar will integrate DIT course videos into your daily study schedule
Integration of Qbank Questions Study Calendar will integrate Qbank questions daily for completion of entire bank before exam date, pacing you for maximum practice benefits
Practice Test Date Recommendation Study Calendar will recommend the number and timing of NBME practice test dates based on your individual needs
Additional Study Resources Study Calendar will identify additional supplemental materials to read and review during your studies in addition to incorporating study resources as requested or deemed necessary by a CBSSA profile

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