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Figuring it out

Figuring Out the Transitional, Preliminary, and Categorical Year for Residency Application

The first year of post-graduate training following medical school is called "internship." Medical school graduates in the first year of post-graduate training are called an "interns" regardless of what that first year of training consists. Your initial year could be one of the following: a Categorical Year, Transitional Year, or Preliminary Year.
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Traveling Interview Checklist

During Residency Interview season, it can become quite hectic. It is exciting and thrilling traveling and visiting so many programs. However, interviewing at multiple programs back to back, while also doing rotations and studying for Step 2 presents challenges. To help you keep up with some with your packing, we are sharing a Travel Checklist for your use. We will post additional useful tips and lists for your use on the website, so keep looking.
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