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Be confident during your Residency Interview

Take Your Confidence With You to Your Interview

Be Confident: Bring your confidence with you to your interview. You do not want to come across as a person who is not confident in her skill set, knowledge level, or ability to complete training. You also want the interviewer to know that you are not afraid to be questioned, challenged, or asked to defend your medical opinions and that you can handle this with poise, grace, and a sense of humor.
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Figuring it out

Figuring Out the Transitional, Preliminary, and Categorical Year for Residency Application

The first year of post-graduate training following medical school is called "internship." Medical school graduates in the first year of post-graduate training are called an "interns" regardless of what that first year of training consists. Your initial year could be one of the following: a Categorical Year, Transitional Year, or Preliminary Year.
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Advice on the CV for residency applications

The CV for Residency Application – Additional Suggestions

This article is related to an earlier blog I posted called, Essential Information for the CV and Sample to Use. The CV included as a sample in the post is a CV that the AAMC Careers in Medicine has posted on their website, but looks very much like the CVs I have coached students through at UT. (The activities on this mock CV look like an amalgamation of a Dermatology applicant’s vitae that I worked with mixed with a few activities from another student.) We are definitely on the right track since it was seen as a CV example worth posting and this is the format and suggestions I use in advising applicants.
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