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Figuring it out

Figuring Out the Transitional, Preliminary, and Categorical Year for Residency Application

The first year of post-graduate training following medical school is called "internship." Medical school graduates in the first year of post-graduate training are called an "interns" regardless of what that first year of training consists. Your initial year could be one of the following: a Categorical Year, Transitional Year, or Preliminary Year.
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Advice on the CV for residency applications

The CV for Residency Application – Additional Suggestions

This article is related to an earlier blog I posted called, Essential Information for the CV and Sample to Use. The CV included as a sample in the post is a CV that the AAMC Careers in Medicine has posted on their website, but looks very much like the CVs I have coached students through at UT. (The activities on this mock CV look like an amalgamation of a Dermatology applicant’s vitae that I worked with mixed with a few activities from another student.) We are definitely on the right track since it was seen as a CV example worth posting and this is the format and suggestions I use in advising applicants.
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