Suggested Member Roles and Activities for an Effective Study Group

Suggested member roles:

  1. Someone who is responsible for getting each meeting startedshutterstock_88718905 study group assignments
  2. Information or resource gatherer
  3. Someone who brings group back to focus when they off track
  4. Someone who is a Peacekeeper or Mediator when things get tense
  5. Organizer of reserving or deciding on meeting room and snacks
  6. Group representative to faculty
  7. Someone who takes notes for the group

Suggested activities for an effective study group::

  1. Quiz each other – ask each other questions about subject material
  2. Share class notes (compare, clarify)
  3. Figure out what the main topics are and what is most important to learn
  4. Help each other come up with ways to remember information
  5. Discuss discrepancies in members' notes and correct them
  6. Share outlines done on individual time
  7. Practice teaching each other (make a list of topics, each chooses one and then teaches the others – vocalizing, organizing the material, etc. in teaching to others further reinforces your memory)
  8. Brainstorm possible test questions
  9. Do practice questions at home and then go over the hard ones together
  10. Set an agenda for each meeting and each person leaves the study group with an assignment for the next meeting.

How do you know when to make changes in study group?:

  1. When you feel bored during the study group sessions
  2. When other group members are not doing their assignments, miss meetings, or are late to group
  3. When you feel like you are wasting your time
  4. When you feel irritated during group
  5. When you no longer look forward to group
  6. When you are no longer contributing to the group

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