Some Suggested Ground Rules/Guidelines for Study Groups


  1. Respectful, understandable communication among members
  2. A personal commitment to contribute to the group
  3. Everyone makes a personal commitment to come prepared (have read and studied the material, bring notes, textbooks, group assignments)
  4. To share openly information, organizational tips, things found from outside resources and not be competitive or secretive with other group members
  5. To be supportive and encouraging to other group members. To not be hostile, judgemental or intimidating of other group members or of other students outside of group
  6. Not to use study group time to complain about instructors, school or other students (Be positive and focused – negative stuff just distracts from getting studying done)
  7. Each person gets equal time to talk, ask questions, etc. Make sure one person does not dominate the discussion in the group. Listening to others is as important as talking. A rule that each person speaks for five minutes on a topic during the study meeting might be made in order to bring out the more reserved group members into participating.
  8. What gets shared in the group, stays in the group. This goes for work that is done for the group or is shared in the group and for any personal conversation that happens in group.

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