Essential Information for the CV and Sample to Use

Students have requested some sample CVs to use for applying for residency, scholarships, away rotations, and giving to faculty to write letters of recommendation. This is the link to the AAMC Careers in Medicine sample CV using our favorite format. It is clear, easy to read; plenty of white space, but with sufficient information to give the faculty member a feel for what that student is about – what is important to them. You will see other samples without descriptions of activities. However, we recommend including the name of the organization and the role you played in the group or activity. This sample also presents the student’s information in the appropriate order for this stage in his/her professional development:

  • Education
  • Honors and Awards
  • Research, Publications, and Presentations
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Volunteer Activities    (The CV online is not in this exact order, but this can go here)
  • Professional Organizations    (versus Student Organizations)
  • Work Experience
  • Interests

(Other Sections to Include that are Not Shown on Sample)

  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Languages


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