About Us

Our Mission

Doctors In Training is here to help physicians at all levels of training become better at what they do.  We believe strongly that our products help turn students and residents into great physicians and improve the standard of care for everyone. 

Our Story

Doctors In Training began as a business named "What You Need To Know" (WYNTK), which was created in summer of 2000 by Brian Jenkins, while in medical school.  Dr. Jenkins, now a physician in Fort Worth, Texas began by publishing a series of  study guides for medical students and hosting an annual USMLE Step 1 Review Course; addressing the lack of highly efficient resources available to help medical students learn huge amounts of information.

Most medical students are asked to purchase massive texts of information and told to know everything.  To complicate matters, medical school lectures often do not reinforce the material medical students were asked to read.  Students are then tested over the information course directors deem important, retested over what USMLE test makers deem important, and then later expected to know something slightly different for direct patient care.

Dr. Jenkins saw a need for a learning resource that provided medical students with specific knowledge of what was important in all these arenas.  Putting together a series of notes, based on what students needed to know for classes, for the USMLE, and for clinical rotations, Dr. Jenkins worked to address that need.

Over the years the notes became more organized, and patterns of what was truly "high-yield" became apparent. The first edition of What You Need To Know: Gross Anatomy and Radiology was created in 2000. Students responded so positively to this study guide that he created editions in other topics.  Each study guide continues to be updated with information students need for the entire four years of medical school and into their residency.

Due to the success of the study guides, Dr. Jenkins took the concept of a "fast-paced, low-cost, high-yield review" and created the WYNTK USMLE Step 1 Review Course.  In time, this would grow from a humble 30 students to what is today  Doctors In Training's USMLE Step 1 Review Course with over 19,000 students from over 300 medical schools around the world.

Doctors In Training has seen continued growth and our team works tirelessly to continue to create new products designed to help medical students become better physicians and improve the overall standard of care for everyone!