WooHooo! You did it!

Welcome to medical school! The first few weeks and months can be pretty exciting and sometimes daunting.

As most of you may have figured out, medical school is different than anything you’ve experienced before in many ways. The volume and detail of the information you’re expected to learn – as well the pace in which you learn it – is at a much higher level than your undergraduate education. Now you’re expected to apply information and integrate concepts at a much higher level over a greater amount of information.

It’s important to remember during the more challenging times that you did not get chosen by accident. You did an outstanding job throughout your academic career and many students would give anything to be in your spot. You are part of the elite forces of science. You have the potential to be a great physician, so have the confidence that you will make it. The public sees you as the brightest, hardest-working individuals in America and depend on you to save their lives – will you work hard to do that?

Over the next few blogs we will talk about moving away from loved ones, figuring out how to study and succeed in your new medical curriculum, and deciding if you want to hide in the crowd or stand out… and much more. Be sure to check back in on a regular basis. We look forward to blogging with you.

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