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Quick Energy Foods

Quick Energy Foods for Busy Med Students

Probably the last thing you think about while studying for your board exams is how to eat well. You are often so busy that even microwaving something seems to take too much time. However, you increase your chances of developing chronic illnesses when you rely on instant and fast foods that are high in fat and low in nutrients. Also, those foods don’t give you the...
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Positive Affirmation

Creating Positive Affirmations for a Better Outlook and Performance

Are you that person who would never read a self-help book because it came from "that" section of the bookstore that you would never get caught dead in-the area 54 section where only airy fairy folk hang out? Are you too scientific, rational, and intelligent to ever spend time thinking about relaxation, meditation, or positive affirmation, much less waste time practicing something that crazy? Well, you can join the club that the male members of my family formed a few years back to keep me from imposing my efforts to "take over their brains" with psychobabble while they went on and on with lawyer speak and computer lingo (those who can communicate in 1s and 0s need to join the real world - please).
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