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Stress can affect your memory during med school

Effects of Stress on Memory in Medical Students

Where Does My Stress Come From? It doesn’t take much to stress out the average human being. When we view a situation as threatening, we become anxious and stressed. In prehistoric times, when evolution developed our biological response to threats, such as large predatory cats with huge canines, we reacted with extreme perspiration, rapid heartbeat, and dry mouth. Our bodies also directed blood flow away from the brain and extremities to the major organs. These were all sensible adaptive mechanisms. Today, the nearest thing to a true threat in our environment is a speeding bus that almost hits us at an intersection...
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Inspirational Music For Studying for Medical Boards Exams

In response to student requests, I have listed some music for inspiration and motivation during board preparation. Whether you listen to them while you are preparing or while you are taking break and want some motivation through music, they are there to get you going. They range from oldies to current and from ethereal to rap. I included links to YouTube to all that had existing links. Enjoy.
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