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Ho to plan for your Step 1 preparations

How to Plan Your Step 1 Preparations (2012 Course)

While you are still concentrating on your medical school curriculum, annotate your comprehensive review book, such as First Aid, as you go through your course. Take an NBME practice exam 2-3 months prior to your intensive study period to establish a baseline and determine your weak areas. There are several ways to use the DIT Part 1 Questions and Video Answers that begin arriving to your dashboard in January and continue through May. These questions are open-ended questions that are focus on high yield topics for Step 1.
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How strong is your Step 1 biochemistry foundation?

Biochemistry for Step 1

Biochemistry for Step 1 is always one of those subjects that students are unsure about and not quite certain how to approach. Some students report getting very few biochemistry questions on their exam and others find their exam very heavily weighted with biochemistry, so it is an area that students have to master since there is no guarantee which type of exam they will get.
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Stress can affect your memory during med school

Effects of Stress on Memory in Medical Students

Where Does My Stress Come From? It doesn’t take much to stress out the average human being. When we view a situation as threatening, we become anxious and stressed. In prehistoric times, when evolution developed our biological response to threats, such as large predatory cats with huge canines, we reacted with extreme perspiration, rapid heartbeat, and dry mouth. Our bodies also directed blood flow away from the brain and extremities to the major organs. These were all sensible adaptive mechanisms. Today, the nearest thing to a true threat in our environment is a speeding bus that almost hits us at an intersection...
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Positive Affirmation

Creating Positive Affirmations for a Better Outlook and Performance

Are you that person who would never read a self-help book because it came from "that" section of the bookstore that you would never get caught dead in-the area 54 section where only airy fairy folk hang out? Are you too scientific, rational, and intelligent to ever spend time thinking about relaxation, meditation, or positive affirmation, much less waste time practicing something that crazy? Well, you can join the club that the male members of my family formed a few years back to keep me from imposing my efforts to "take over their brains" with psychobabble while they went on and on with lawyer speak and computer lingo (those who can communicate in 1s and 0s need to join the real world - please).
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