8 Test Day Tips for USMLE Step 1

Woman taking testHere are some practical tips that will help your performance on USMLE Step 1 test day.

  1. Bring a cooler with ice, water, Gatorade or juice
  2. Pack a lunch with fruits and snacks and bring more than you will need
  3. Bring a light sweater or sweatshirt in case it’s cold
  4. Don’t forget your ID and USMLE pass
  5. Bring your own watch to keep track of your break time
  6. Take your breaks when you need them and don’t be afraid to take a small bathroom break. For example, you might want to do 2 sections, then a break, then 2 more sections, then a break, 1 section, then a break, then the 2 final sections.
  7. Consider getting out in the sun or stretching during your breaks
  8. Expect 5-10 questions in each section you have never seen before, that way you won’t freak out when it happens.

Good luck to all those taking Step 1!

About DIT Advising Team

The Doctors In Training Student Advising Team offers many advisory services including the following: customizing individual study plans for USMLE Step 1/ COMLEX Level 1 or USMLE Step 2 CK/ COMLEX Level 2, advising students with respect to combating everyday stress and test anxiety and preparing students for the residency application process.
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