How to Use Doctors In Training Part 1 and Increase Your Step 1 Score!

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The Part 1 questions are in mixed mode to help you break away from thinking of the basic sciences by topic and to begin thinking of them as a whole – integrating concepts and applying information across subjects. This organizational approach also helps you practice switching from topic to topic (switching cognitive sets) as you will be required to do on your Step 1 exam. Continue reading

Residency Interview Season, by the Numbers

Cooper's Rock National Forest in West Virginia

I’m a 4th year med student who has just finished interviewing for Emergency Medicine residencies, and Doctors in Training has kindly agreed to let me share some of my experiences. I’ll be the first to admit that interview seasons can be exhausting and stressful; however, I had a wonderful time on some of my interview trips. I hope that some of these tips will help you do the same! Continue reading