Doctors In Training, a leading provider of USMLE and COMLEX online board preparation, has launched its brand new Step 3 Review Course. Similar in format to the highly acclaimed Step 1 and Step 2 CK Review Courses, the USMLE Step 3 Review Course is an accelerated, engaging resource with the most up-to-date test prep content. The course is high-yield and concise, giving residents the flexibility to complete the content in as little time as a weekend.

The Step 3 course is broken down into two components. Part 1 provides 370 open-ended clinical questions and video answers, organized into sets of 10 and arranged by specialty. Part 2 supplies over 10 hours of high-yield videos presented by Doctors In Training’s physician educators including Mike McInnis, MD and Chris Lewis, MD. The Step 3 Review Course comes complete with a Study Guide which includes the Part 1 clinical questions as well as notes, quizzes and high-yield study questions that accompany the Part 2 video series.

“We designed this course with a resident’s schedule and workload in mind. The Step 3 Review Course is efficient, affordable and high-yield,” said Mike McInnis, MD, Director of Medical Production at Doctors In Training.

Doctors In Training maintains quality not only in our content and instruction, but also in our delivery. The videos are recorded in full HD and can be streamed to computers or most mobile devices anywhere there is internet capability – home, the call room, riding on public transportation and more.