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"The experience was fantastic.  I received a 232 on Step1 without DiT and a 267 on Step2 with DiT.  I think I would have done better on Step1 if I had used the DIT Step1 prep course to synthesize, refine and focus my first two years of knowledge, the way that I used the Step 2 prep course for Step 2. I will keep my DIT books to refresh for intern yr."
Tulane University School of Medicine - Class of 2013

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Could You Be Taking Notes Wrong

Do you find yourself wishing you made better scores on tests? Why does the method of taking notes in a lecture matter? When we are writing, it is impossible to write down every word as fast as a person talks, so we have to be very selective in choosing which information is important enough to document. As we are listening to someone, we have to actively think through what is being said and summarize it to capture all of the main points. This method boosts our comprehension and retention of the information for success come test day. Continue reading